Last Updated: Feb 17, 2009
B-Series Compression Calculator v.950 BETA

This calculator is intended for use as a general estimate of your compression only.   Not all values are verified.

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Block Crank  
B16A - B17A B20B/Z
B18A/B Other
B18C - B16B
B16A/B B18A/B - B20B/Z
B17A Other
Bore (mm)
Stroke (mm)
Deck Height (mm)
B16A/B - B17A - B18C5 B18A/B - B20B/Z
B18C1 Other
Combustion Chamber Volume (cc)
PR3 (USDM B16A) P30 (JDM B16A) P61 (B17A)
PR4 (B18A/B) P72-A0 (USDM B18C1) P72-00 (JDM B18C1)
P73-A0 (USDM B18C5) P73-00 (JDM B18C5) P3F (B20B)
PHK (B20Z) PCT (JDM B16B) Other
Dome (cc)
Comp Height (mm)
Connecting Rod
B16A B17A B18A/B - B20B/Z
B18C1/C5 B16B Other
Rod Length (mm)
Headgasket Thickness
OEM 3-layer 1-layer
2-layer Other
Thickness (in)
Bore diff (mm) *
Head Milling and Block Decking
Enter total amount head has been milled and block decked.
Maximum Operating RPM
Enter max operating RPM to determine mean piston speed and max piston acceleration.
Enter operating elevation of engine to determine effective compression ratio.
Enter boost pressure to determine effective compression ratio. (set to 0 for NA setups)
Static Comp Ratio
: 1
Effective Comp Ratio
: 1
Rod / Stroke Ratio
: 1
Piston-to-Deck Height
Mean Piston Speed
Max Piston Acceleration
* for slightly better results, enter the difference between the bore diameter of the headgasket and the cylinder bore.
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